Dining in the Greater Ogden Area


Don’t be fooled by Ogden’s laid back lifestyle; we take dining seriously. Whether you’re craving steak and potatoes or fresh sushi, expect to experience excellent food, friendly and attentive service and minimal wait time. The national chains with a franchise in the Ogden area meet and exceed their corporate standards. In addition, our exceptional and locally owned establishments are sure to please. In most local joints, you will find loyal diners who come in regularly for the food, the local vibe and the conversation.


Craving fresh and light cuisine, served in an eclectic, artistic environment? Head to the heart of the city. The 26 unique and exceptional brews at Roosters, are doubly enhanced by their superb menu offerings. Bistro 258 serves up a killer seafood linguini. The Artisan Grille has great food and a truly fantastic dessert menu. Steak and potato eaters can find an excellent cut of meat at Prairie Schooner.


Hankering for consistently good food from a familiar menu? You’ll find most of your favorite national chains on Riverdale Road. The Gateway Center at the Ogden airport is home to Rickenbackers. In addition to an excellently prepared American menu, you can take in an amazing view of the Wasatch range. Maple Gardens hasn’t changed their menu in 25 years of business. No need, the food is always great. Szechwan chicken has been the #1 menu choice for over a decade.


Leaving town doesn’t leave you without dining options. There are plenty of great places to eat up the canyon. Timbermine Steakhouse at the mouth of the canyon serves up a great slab of beef in a charming mining town setting, Gray Cliff Lodge specializes in fresh trout and homemade cinnamon rolls. At Wolf Creek Resort, the Wolf Creek Grill, offers contemporary classic American cuisine and The Rusty Cactus serves up more casual, Tex-Mex fare. Alpine Pizza offers both standard and specialty pies.

Ogden Utah Press - The Best is yet to come!

Ogden Utah has had a lot of positive things happening.
Here are some of the recent press articles and information that have been published.

Outside Magazine
August 2008

National Geographic Adventure
September 2008

Rock and Ice Magazine
September 2008
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WiFi on Front Runner Commuter Rail

North Ogden and Pleasant View residents who commute to and from work in Utah are finding it easy to get work done during the commute because of emerging and improved wireless connections on the state’s commuter buses and trains. The FrontRunner Commuter Rail that runs between Ogden and Salt Lake City now has fiber optic cables running under the tracks which let users connect to the Internet at speeds of approximately 5 Mbps. The commuter buses in the same area also offer Wi-Fi connections although you have to use a broadband card to connect and speeds aren’t quite so fast. There are additional plans in the works in the area including a broadband system similar to that of the FrontRunner system which is set to be complete in the Utah Valley by 2012. This new service will help those Utah Home owners wanting to live 45 minutes out from SLC to have internet access while on the way to work.

Utah Real Estate Agent Born Blind and Selling Utah Homes

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New companies in Ogden

New companies have shown great confidence in Ogden. Adam’s Aircraft, Descente North America, Goode Skis, Kahuna Creations, JDH group, and others to be announced have brought their national headquarters and facilities to Ogden to take advantage of Ogden’s resources, relative low cost, well educated employees, and unique geographical ability to provide easy access to air, truck, and rail transportation.

Utah No. 2 in U.S. livability rankings

Utah No. 2 in U.S. livability rankings
By Suzanne Struglinski
Deseret Morning News
Published: April 7, 2008
WASHINGTON — Some Utah residents may already think the state is a great place to live or work, but now they have official data to back it up.

Utah finished second in The CQ Press state livability rankings, up two slots from its fourth-place finish last year. It was also declared one of the top 10 states to support businesses.

New Hampshire has claimed the top spot in the livability rankings for five years in a row, while Mississippi has finished at the bottom for nine years. The rankings are in "State Rankings 2008: A Statistical View of America," published by CQ Press.

"This impressive ranking is a reflection of our state's unparalleled quality of life and exemplary economic success," Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. said in a statement. "Utah truly offers 'Life Elevated.'"

CQ Press, a division of Congressional Quarterly, based its rankings on 44 different factors, ranging from education, economic development, public safety, environment and public health to median household income and the crime rate, sunny days and infant mortality rate.

"Utah boasts one of the nation's lowest unemployment rates, while maintaining one of the highest job-growth rates," said Jason Perry, executive director of the Governor's Office of Economic Development. "Our focus on education along with our skillful work force makes Utah a great place for doing business. The affordable cost of living, the beautiful scenic life, and the countless recreational opportunities truly qualify Utah as one of the 'Most Livable States in the Nation.'"

Meanwhile, Utah ranks nine out of 10 in a report issued Wednesday called "Keeping Jobs In America: Pollina Corporate Top 10 Pro-Business States 2008." The annual study evaluates of job creation and retention efforts of the federal government and all 50 state governments.

"For the second year in a row, Utah's political leaders have proven that they truly understand what it takes for a state to provide an environment for business growth and expansion," according to Dr. Brent A. Pollina, vice president of Pollina Corporate and the study's author. "Utah continues to place strongly in the areas of employee quality, good infrastructure, low corporate taxes and high quality of life."

Utah is just above Kansas in the rankings, while North Carolina took first place.

"This report continues the good business news for the state of Utah. To again be recognized in the 'Pollina Corporate Top 10 Pro-Business States' acknowledges the momentum Utah maintains in its job creation and retention efforts," Huntsman said. "While the national economy struggles, Utah companies continue to grow and recruit top-quality professionals with long-term, high paying jobs in Utah."

The Pollina study evaluates and ranks states based on 28 factors, including taxes, human resources, right-to-work legislation, energy costs, infrastructure spending, workers compensation legislation and jobs lost or gained.

Last month, Utah was ranked first in the The Pew Center on States Government Performance Project for 2008. The state got an overall "A minus" for how the government manages information, people, money and infrastructure.